Femulating at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

By Starla, Femulate Contributing Editor
(Artist conception)
Trump Son-in-law Registered to Vote as a Woman This odd little news item has been all but abandoned by the press after it first hit the wires. (It's almost like they're not sure what to make of it.) There is so much odd and unexplained about this revelation. Was this a purposeful act? Or a typo that never got fixed? (Or was it a Freudian slip? –Stana) I mean, I don't know why a male would register as a female on purpose unless they were transitioning or leading a de factro female life. And one would think that an obvious male voting with a female-coded registration would raise a few eyebrows, no? In fact, speaking of eyebrows... is it just me or have others noticed that Kushner's brows are rather thin, well-shaped and groomed for a man? And what about his slight build and very smooth complexion? And that's a rather feminine gesture he's making in the photo accompanying the link. Might or might not add up to something. I'm just sayin'... Actually, before this story even hit the press, I had mentally checked off Kushner as one of those men who looked like he would make a very attractive female. Wouldn't shock me if he were a crossdresser. I concur. The first time I saw him many months ago, my trans radar sounded off. Shaped, thinned and trimmed eyebrows are often a sign that a femulator is in our midst and this gent certainly has girlish brows, not to mention his clear complexion. Researching this matter further on the Internet, I also discovered that Kushner has a feminine "light tenor voice." Lucky! – Stana
Wearing ModCloth (Source: ModCloth)
Femulating on her big day!


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