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So recently I had the pleasure of hanging out with my fellow sister and member of the "Cool Hair" Club Heather Leigh, who throws a Monthly Party for the TG/CD Community up in New Haven Ct called Diva Social.  I sat down with Heather to get all the information on the event.  If you are anywhere up in the North East, this is a monthly party you should definitely make plans to attend. Here is all the info...
  What is Diva Social all about ?
 Diva Social is all about celebrating the authentic you.  Come as you are or as you want to be.  Feel free to express your genuine self,  not what society has said you should be  BUT what you want to be!  Diva Social is a monthly gathering of like minded individuals, where you are free to be you. You will be surrounded by friendly faces, laughter, and fun. 
Why did you decide to host your own event  ? 
I decided to host Diva Social because the local party at  Triangles had closed and at that point in time there was a big void in the TG scene here in Connecticut . So with my background as an event coordinator in the New Haven area, I found that I could give something back to the community for all the love and acceptance I had received.  I love doing the parties and have such an awesome time and have met so many sweet and beautiful individuals. 
Where Does Diva Social Take Place and What Is The Venue Like ?
Diva Social takes place at Partner's Cafe, 365 Crown Street, New Haven, CT. It is a well established gay bar in New Haven. It is very friendly, open and accepting of all members of the LGBTQ+ community.  Dave, the owner and his husband, Bernard, are incredibly caring, friendly and supportive of the DIVA Social parties and the entire community.  New Haven and with it, Yale University, has a large gay, lesbian, trans+ population and is therefore very open and accepting.  Partner's Cafe is within the Yale University footprint.
Partners Cafe is a bar with 3 floors.  On the main floor there is a huge bar, pool tables and pinball machine with a lot of room to mingle and talk.  The top floor has a bar and a large dance floor with a stage, dancing pole, extensive lights/light show and incredible sound system.  In the Underground Lounge, there is a bar, more pool tables, small dance floor and very comfy chairs and sofas to relax in.  
When Does Diva Social Take Place ? 
DIVA Social is a monthly event. The parties are either the second or fourth Saturday of the month.  All 2016 dates are listed on the page which you can see
Is your party open to everyone in the LGBT Community, even those in the closet ? Who attends your events? 
DIVA Social is open to EVERYONE!! Gay, lesbian, bi, allies, questioning, gender fluid etc.  The entire trans* spectrum shows up - from transitioned, transitioning, full-time, part time, first time, closeted.  It's a lot of fun!!
Can Girls Get A Makeover Before Diva Social ?
Yes, I am thrilled that Scarlett Thompson will be doing the makeovers at DIVA Social.  The events are on Scarlett's meetups and you can contact her via email at .You can also get a makeover at KIKO Milano (11 Broadway), just call and make an appointment.  
What Should I Wear To Diva Social ? 
Wear whatever you would like ...within reason.  Keep in mind you are going to a bar/nightclub in a small city, where you have to park and walk to the venue. Girls wear pretty dresses, sexy dresses, goth, leather, corsets etc. 
Is there a local hotel for the gals to stay at ? 
Most stay at the La Quinta Inn (400 Sargent Drive) however I usually get a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express in Milford for $99/night during the spring and summer months. Milford is located 5 miles south on I-95.  There are numerous hotels available within a 5 mi radius of New Haven, it's just a question of price.
Where can I find more Information on your upcoming parties? 


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