Ulrike Story (crossdresser fiction)


The invitation, accordance with this page, let me introduce myself here.I am a mature Trans-vestite, called Ulrike from Germany, married and constantly experience this wonderful feminine world. As with many other transvestites, began developing in childhood and continued to develop. Some years ago I was still hairy, used no makeup. Today I am completely shaved, often with makeup, wearing beautiful pasted fingernails, wearing elegant clothes or fetish clothing, jewelry and have a lot of heels. I have a right heels fetish, like a woman πŸ˜‰

crossdresser I am thrilled when I can slip into my feminine role again. Unfortunately, I can not always live this world, because I still live in my other world. I am envious of the transvestites who may experience all day this feminine world. Often I surf through the Internet in various stores in search of beautiful clothes and accessories. Much is so beautiful, I want to buy it all. I prefer beautiful, elegant clothes from satin, silk. Beautiful blouses from these materials, skirts and dresses. Genuine jewelry, rarely fashion jewelry, often decorate my hands, neck, wrists and ankles. Of course, I try to make good Make-up , unfortunately it is still very far to perfection.


I admire a lot of girls here who are far advanced in their development than I do. These girls are a true role model for me.I am glad every day one step to move forward. In the future I would like to attend make-up courses to improve my makeup.

Of course I dedicate personal hygiene a lot of time, a lot more time than before. Shaved Body parts also want to be cared for.


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