Transform fiction emotions of a mask


Marilyn couldn’t help but jump tor joy. She was overwhelmed by the
incessantly positive mood her new body was giving her.
particularly that mask. The man that had given it to him had a face
equally as forced as the one he wore now. He was covered head-to-toe
in dark clothing with the exception of his face which seemed cemented in
place. Why he accepted the mask from the stranger was unknown to him.
Why he put it on was another story . He questioned himself back at home
as to why he even took it.

Inspecting the mask, he jokingly raised it to his face in the mirror to see
what the mask would look like on him. He looked ridiculous and couldn’t
help but giggle. It was then that a strong force shot the mask onto his
face. As he was trying to rip the mask off of his face, changes began to
occur to his body. He didn’t notice them however as he was more
focused of the mask as it started to enter every orifice in his face.

It was digging into his face like a wild animal tearing at its prey.

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In the brief instances that he saw himself in the mirror during his
struggle, he could see his clothing changing. “It must’ve been a costume
to go with the mask.” Once the clothing started to shrink on him only
then did he begin to notice that more than just his clothing changing.
As his jacket began to slim down he noticed the weight and muscle he
lost around his arms and belly. His attention was also drawn to the two
protrusions now on his chest. His worst fears were con firmed when the
leg of his pants started to ascend up his body revealing long, slender legs
clad in thigh-high socks. The pants reformed at his waist where it became
a skirt. With that, the mask gave one final push and cemented itself onto
his face. It was no longer a foreign object.

It had finally merged with him and with it came an incessant mood of
uncontrollable joviality. Even though his life and body had been stolen,
He couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of joy. He was happy to be alive.
He was happy to be free. He was happy to be young and he knew all of
it was fake and yet he continued on his jovial rampage.

Part 1: Thesis


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