To Tuck or Not To Tuck


Reacting to this photo in yesterday's post, Paula Goodwin commented, "As something of a self confessed fashionista (although not of your standing!) I always enjoy the photos you share. Today's Femulatee picture does beg a question for me ~ To tuck or not to tuck?

"I have always felt that a jumper should be worn "out" over the waist line of the nether garment, yet I have a few skirts and trousers with lovely waist line details that then get covered up. Clearly there can be no hard and fast rule, but I am now rethinking this little problem."

It is a question that I have struggled with in the past (even in boy mode). When confronted with the tuck or no tuck question in boy mode, I will ask any handy cisgender female, "Which looks better?" and I usually go along with their advice.

In girl mode, the answer from a not-so-supportive female might be "neither," so I don't bother asking and look in the mirror for an answer.

Before I dropped 20 pounds, I usually did not tuck because my girdle did not reduce my girth enough and I ended up with a muffin-top. Down 20 pounds, the muffin-top is gone and I can tuck or not tuck with great abandon.

When I dressed for the company Christmas party, I initially tried my outfit on wearing the top untucked. The top came down to my hips and hid half of the pretty skirt I was wearing. So I tried tucking and I was much happier with the results, as you can see in the accompanying photo.

So, it depends on what you are wearing. For example, you would not tuck a top that was obviously designed to be worn untucked like a belted top, pleated top, a top with flounces, etc. Similarly, if the skirt or slacks you are wearing demands to be seen in their entirety (like my gold pleated mini-skirt), then you want to pair it with a tuckable top.


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