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The next evening, while Mike was trying to level up Just once more, Susanne came Into the room all
dressed up and apparently with nowhere to 90. Her girlfriend barely paid attention to her, keeping
her gaze on the screen as if her life depended on it. But as more and more of Susannes friends came
into the room, the numbers became more than Mike could successfully ignore. She turned only to
come face to face with ten other women who he had upset at some time or another. They were hold-
ing sexy nightwear, and were intent on forcing him into it.

An hour later they were in the cab heading for their night out. Mike was there connpleteiy under pro-
test, but absolutely looking better and more beautiful than any of the other women in the car with
him. She kept noticing the cab driver checking her out in the mirror, but in her position there wasn’t
anything she could do. All she could do was to wear her shell shocked face and hope that the night
would be over quickly. They arrived at the club and were promptly allowed In, but not before the
bouncer could give Mike a little slap on the ass on the way in. It was humiliating.

Once they were in the club, and the drinks were flowing, Mike did seem to start to let loose. She was
so scared of everyone and everything in the place, but with each passing drink she was offered, she
loosened up and started to relax. She even managed to separate herself from Susanne and everyone
else, intending on making her way to the exit and catching a cab home before anyone noticed she was
gone. Passing through the crowd she was Just about free of the place, when she bumped into the
hardest chest she’d ever felt.

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The guy must have been a body builder, or a boxer or something. He definitely kept himself in good
shape. And despite her best efforts to separate herself from him, there was an undefinable quality to
his boyish smile and tight shirt covering rippling musculature, that Just brought her closer and closer
to him. There was a warmth between her legs, a need. She felt the first kiss like a rush, and before
she knew what was going on, she wasn’t heading back to her apartment in a cab, she was heading to
a total strangers!

They made out all the way back, and once they’d crossed into the apartment, their clothes came off
quickly. Her second night as a woman also happened to be her most amazing. A blissful night of plea-
sure from start to finish. and she wouldn’t have been able to eXperience it were it not for her new
best friend Susanne. After all, there was no going back to a woman’s bed when a man had filled the
gap so succinctly. She’d get her things in the morning and move into a motel until she was settled.
Meanwhile Susanne searched for her girlfriend in the club, finally hearing that the ditzy bionde had
been seen leaving with a football player. She couldn’t help but feel ashamed and saddened that she’d
put herself in that position, but now she had possibly lost her boyfriend, her girlfriend, she didn’t
know what to do Luckily there were guys everywhere who were happy to do their best to cheer her
up. In the later weeks, Susanne and Michelle managed to find an arrangement that benefitted them
both: they Just had another man move in who could handle the pair of them.

And he could.


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