Sissy maid fiction how is the progress


Rob couldn’t believe it. A minute ago, Stacy’ Johnson, one o; the hottest girls at his college, happened to jump in on him while he was playing with a Strange gun he’d Found in one or the sorority houses.

Sure… he shouldn’t have know someone would Find him sneaking around, but that didn’t change his trigger Finger response when he shot the gun at Stacy, watching her body Fall to the ground. Drawn to it, and the idea or wearing it, he hurried and slid her skin over his-looking in the mirror once it was on. Whoah.” Was all he could say. He Felt her everything. The Feeling Of her bare nipples on her shirt, the long strands of hair, and even the mole right at the side 0? his-or, her, nose.

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Staring at her Face in the mirror, he realized he wasn’t very used to using her Face the right way. she never locked the way he did right now. But as time passed… he started Feeling her memories, like when she Kissed a boy the First time, or her mannerisms, like the way she tucks her heibow into her side, or squeezes her cleavage sometimes to get them moving all Started coming to him.


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