Sissy fiction you and me wont be amused


What? You have an issue with me being a girl now? Deal with it.
Sure, I’m still getting use to being a girl, but it’s not that bad. I mean I deserved it.
After all, I pissed off a witch, and she cursed me.

Yeah I was cursed. And as soon as the spell hit me it hurt like hell. I can’t even
begin to describe what it felt like. Imagine every bone in your body breaking into a
million pieces all at once, while your muscles were all up and contracting in a way
that made any charlie horse you ever had feel like heaven, while your skin feels like
it’s been tossed into the sun, and your brain feels like it’s been tumed into a giant block of ice.

Got that? Good. Now forget it because it still doesn’t even come close to how badly it hurt when the witch changed me.

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Now as I said, it’s not too bad. In fact I’m starting to enjoy it. I mean sure the way
guys look at me now freaked me out at first, but now I love it. And the clothes?
Fun all around. In fact I think this might be the first time as a rule that people
notice me in a good way and acknowledge that I exist.

Or at least guys and some girls do anyways.

Still don’t like the fact that I’ve changed? I don’t care. Just don’t be an ass.
Because then I won’t be amused.



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