Sissy fiction whatever happened to bernie flashback


This week’s Flashback is a look at the once ambitious young businessman Bernie, who after taking a room at Mrs. Paulsen ‘s house as a lodger found himself becoming pinker and pinker until finally Brittany was born. Now after
months under his landlady’s spell, Bernie/Brittany has someone new to deal with, Mrs. Paulsen ‘s brand new lodger, Caleb.

Brittany gazed glumly at the pastel shades and wooden decor of her new room. Long gone were the vibrant pinks that had once crafted her walls and colored her life, long gone were the rose textures that she had woken up to
everyday and admired, breathed in, even loved. No that was all Caleb ‘s now. The new lingerie matched the room’s drab interior fike funeral wear. Sure it was soft, elegant even, but the dark nylon underwear that hugged her body
did little to lift her mood. Fifty shades of bleurgghhmnot fike the bright Barbie- esque fabrics that had once dressed her, not like those which now encased Caleb ‘s boyish body. She saw them, everyday, she saw them, fike torture, Mrs. flaulsen would come up to dress them and Brittany would see the pink silks in the washing basket and pray they were for her. Mrs. Paulsen would smile curtly and hand over something dark and wander off once again with the basket in hand, off to her new favorite.


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Time passed and from her new room Brittany watched the days grow longer as summer approached. Mrs. Paulsen seemed on the verge of ecstasy as she prepared for the return of her beloved daughter, Sophie, from university.
There were pictures of the young student everywhere and Brittany could see the resemblance that Mrs. Paulsen had mentioned between the two of them, there was also an odd similarity with Caleb ‘s androgynous features, odd since
he was after all a boy. Mrs. Paulsen began to clear space in the wardrobe of Brittany ‘s rooms and just a few days before Sophie ‘s scheduled return, she made up the huge wooden four poster bed for two people rather than just one.
Now just a day before Sophie’s homecoming, Brittany sat on the end of the bed once again clad in black lingerie, hugging the breastforms that Mrs. Paulsen had promised to replace and applying think dark makeup fit for a
wake. She sneered bitterly, Caleb probably thought the changes were being made for Sophie, he ‘d see, he ‘d see who Mrs. Paulsen’s true favorite was all along when Sophie took his place in the pink room, he ‘d see that he was just like Brittany, except of course he was a boy…


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