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Roman torchwick’s time in This world was up. He had been swallowed by a
Grimm after his fight with Ruby Rose, and was running out of air inside it’s
stomach. As he lost consciousness, he was Thinking one Thing: “I just need one
more chance……”

When he regained consciousness, he realized that he had been granted his
wish. But There were some “Terms and conditions” To his second chance at
life. “Her” body was now completely female, from her long orange hair To her
newly-formed breasts and vagina. Her clothes were much more revealing now,
and she was even wearing makeup! Twas a small price To pay for living.

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She noticed That her colleagues had been changed as well. Emerald, Neo, and
Cinder were men, while Adam and Mercury were women. This new world would
Take some getting used to, but looking this good, she could certainly have a
good amount of fun….


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