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At CelebSuit HQ, buisness was booming. Since their service had started, hundreds of celebrities had sent in orders for bodysuits.

One of the more recent ones was Amanda Seyfried. She had been rumored to be dating her bodyguard, and because of this many of her ex-boyfriends were after him. She wanted to get him the suit for his own protection……
Jim woke up in a completely dark room. He put his hand on his forehead to refocus, feeling his long blonde hair… wait what? He looked down and was shocked to see two massive breasts and a small slit where his member” used to be. His body was practically hairless, save for the long blonde locks on his head, and he was tucked into a sexy black dress. He then heard his beloved
Amanda’s voice through an intercom…

Men’s Attractive Adjusted Straps Lace Corset ( L- 6XL size available) 43%OFF


Tranform yourself when you step into our perfectly Men’s Lace Corset, made especially with transwomen and crossdressers in mind.

Jim, I’m doing this for your own good. Lots of people are coming after you, but not me. If you can pass as an exact duplicate of me, they’ll leave you alone. That’s why I have the suit’s key in my possesion. If they caught you
outside of it, it would be over for us. But don’t worry, we can still be together. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to sleep with a woman…”


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