Sissy crossdressing stolen transformation


You never decided on what you wanted, did you?

Well, unlike you, I did. In fact I had to decide what I wanted. After
all, I could not live a life that was a shadow of what it could be.
Correction… I could not live a life that was a shadow of of what it
should be.

So while you were deciding what you should do, I took your device.
I admit that it was a work of genius. A giant metal box. Something
the size of a closet. You set the settings for what you desire to look
like, and its machinery changes you into them all the way down to a
genetic level so that you match what you permanently become what
you desire.

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Oh, I know you were going to use it to give yourself super powers.
And I know that it was a one time use thing. And I know it was
expensive. But you were sounding not only like you couldn’t
decide, and possibly never would.

Thus I set it up. I set it to change the person who entered it into a
female human. Not too tall, nor too short. One with long brown hair
and brown eyes. One who was slender, but still shapely.


But to play it safe, I left for a bit. I went shopping for clothing to
wear with my new form, and found a beautiful black lacy dress to
wear for after my change. Of course when I left, you had a chance
to make up your mind, change the settings and use the box

But you didn’t.

Thus I used the box. And it changed me. I became the girl I always
wished I could be.

I’m sorry I stole your chance to gain super powers. But in return,
you are still a superhero to me. After all, you gave me the chance to
be me, and to be free.

And for that, I will always be thankful.


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