Sissy crossdressing fiction one of the girl night


So there I was, two months after becoming a girl, on the dance floor, surrounded by beau-
tiful women professing to being my friends, with a man way too close to me. I could smell
his aftershave, and feel the warmth coming from his body. I wasn’t sure how I felt about
him. His handsomeness was intoxicating, every time I looked at him I got more confused,
and the more I felt his warmth, the more I began to feel something blooming within.

He bought me a drink, I accepted, not knowing how to decline in a situation of complete
embarrassment and fear, so I took the glass, and felt myself smiling while we clinked
them together. The alcohol made me feel a lot less scared, and a lot more confident. I
wanted… I felt like I wanted… I needed to kiss him. Or I needed him to kiss me. It was too
much for me otherwise, being so pent up and alone as a woman, I needed him to help me
relieve some of the stress.

I don’t know where the thoughts were coming from, but they were coming, a lot. He
caught my eye again and again, and before long he took my hand, and brought me closer.
I could feel my boobs pressing up against his chest, the hard, unyielding mass of his mus-
culature, and then the soft press of his lips to mine. My eyes closed, and I gave in to him,
he’d won me, and we embraced, kissing again and again, letting the rhythm sway us side
to side. This got a reaction from my friends, but I didn’t care, they’d brought me there.

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I was loathe to let him drive me anywhere, but he offered to help me home in the taxi,
before definitely positively absolutely leaving. I didn’t want a guy coming into my apart-
ment, not so soon after the change, but I thought I might be able to stomach a kiss at the
door, before I went off to bed. I was so tired and yet so electric from the events of the day.
l didn’t know what I was going to do with myself once the door was closed. I was so hot
and bothered! A guy had kissed me! I’d let him! I’d kissed him back!

The taxi didn’t wait for him once he got out to say goodbye, which was funny, but at the
same time it left the two of us on the doorstep with nowhere to go. It was as if something
was trying to curse me, as the heavens opened and the rain began to pour. I couldn’t ex-
actly let him get wet could I?

l-le complemented me on my place, and then I tried to just wait out the rain, checking out
the window for any change. I never noticed him behind me. Then I noticed him pressing
up against my back, and the hardness, though not his chest this time. I froze with fear,
but he kept it going, caressing me, slowly removing my dress, and then turning me
around. I’d never felt so perfectly vulnerable in all my life. He took my by the hand, and
knowing exactly the right way to do everything, changed my life forever.

1 was sore the next morning, but never about my choice to become a woman.


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