Presents truth sissy fiction


errrr….her name is Madeline… ‘ tars began gingerly, glancing at his already frowning girlfriend. ‘…back when l was a
student I had a job at McDonalds for a while… we worked the drive-thru together. ‘ Kylie was beckoning for him to continue
and the audience were listening in silence. ‘It was really boring sometimes and we were young you know…sometimes when
it was really quiet we would fool around and do it right there in the booth. ‘ A cameraman shifted position to get a better
close-up of his girlfriend, who was now seething with jealousy. ‘Eventually. we got up the courage to pleasure each other
while we were leaning through the window taking orders, it was so tough…when she was blowing me I could barely hear
what the customers were saying…

The producers were once again studying the crowd as tars finished up his story. If they were fisappointed he wasn’t being
bimbofied. they certainly didn’t show it as they whooped and cheered the end of his tale and then again when his
girlfriend gave him a forgiving hug. They looked on through the monitors as Greg completed his first round with similar
ease and they started to wonder if maybe they had over done it with the prize money. Kylie was revving the crowd up once
again in preparation for Lars’s next picture and when it came there were gasps from the studio’s bleachers. A outrageously
busty young woman was displayed on the big screen, a shiny catsuit unzipped to the waist as only her slender fingers
stopped her giant tits from being totally exposed in what looked like the inside of a garage. lars was looking noticably


errrrmrnm wait…there’s gotta be some kind of mistake… ‘ he stammered hard, ‘…I don’t know that woman…l’ve never
seen her before, you ‘ve got to believe me.” Abi was standing with her hands on her hips. clearly unimpressed.

Now Lars… ‘ Kylie smiled despite some obvious confusion, ‘…I ‘m sure I don’t have to remind you what happens if you
refuse to tell Abi here the truth. Think how ridiculous you’ll feel with those huge breasts implanted into your chest, how
you’ll look with synthetic hair giving you that cute bob forever and your face completely reshaped with collagen. Think
how humiliating it will be when we stuff you in that latex catsuit for your big reveal…

Please…‘ lars was whimpering now. ‘…I don’t know her. Abi…Abi…l promise…

In the production room all hell was breaking loose. What was that idiot doing! .’ Just tell the damn story?! They watched
open-mouthed as he kept protesting his innocence. Executives were pacing around, cursing anyone and everyone. It was the
live return of the Network and they knew full well with so many people watching they couldn’t go back on the game’s
rules. It would be ratings suicide. The lead producer took one last look at the monitor where lars was on his knees

Okay that’s enough… ‘ he snarled into the intercom. ‘…send in security. have him transformed…



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