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The woman stared back blankly. Her mind was blank. She kept the same position that she had when her mind was wiped.

Bernie had come over to his friend’s apartment because he was excited to show him something. As soon as he entered, lack ushered Bernie to a seat by the huge mirror. Bernie was about to question Jack and leave when Bernie was hit by a spell. The spell instantly
wiped his mind. Bernie just sat there while Jack began his building of the perfect ‘girlfriend’ (more like slave).

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Big breasts and ass, thin waist, long and smooth legs, and long, brunette hair with blonde highlights quickly changed his body. Bernie’s face was the last thing about his body to change. The clothes came next as they transformed into a
low cut dress and high heels (panties and bra not included). Jack then changed the body’s natural mannerisms. Instantly, the woman’s body changed position to be sitting more femininely and suggestively. Her face also gained a natural smile. The last thing to change
would be the mind. Goodbye, Bernie!


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