Homemade costume contests


Sara and Ricky were big fans of cosplay and bigger fans of Marvel. They were going to a big Halloween party which would be having

several homemade costume contests, and they wanted to enter into the couples’ contest (among others). They were definitely planning

on going as characters from the MCU (M arvel Cinematic Universe), but they weren’t sure which ones to be.

Sara was a tall and slender girl, so she thought that Gamora might suit her. They wanted to be matching characters, though, and it would

be tough for Ricky to be another member of the team. He was too skinny and shortto play Star-lord or Drax, and he couldn’t be Rocket or

Groot because he hated being in suits that trapped a lot of heat and made him sweaty. She would’ve gone with Ant-Man and Wasp, but

those costumes would be too complicated for them and would mess with their oCD. Her third idea was Thor and Sif, but he just wasn’t

beefy enough to impersonate Chris Hemsworth. He also didn’t have the body to go as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

“We could go as Bruce and Natasha,” she suggested as they sat in bean bag chairs at Sara’s house. “Out of all of the Avengers that Black

Widow had a romance with in the MCU, you could pull him off best”

“Actually, I have another idea,” he said. He showed her the laptop on which he was browsing and he had found a video about how to

make a really cool Loki costume. “What do you think?”

“I guess you could pull off Loki, but it doesn’t really suit you,” she said.

“Oh, I agree completely,” Ricky replied. “But do you know who it does suit?” She shook her head. “You.”

“M e? You want me to be a male character?”

“You’ve seen people do it before, haven’t you?”

Crossdressing hadn’t even crossed Sara’s mind until then, and she still wasn’t entirely up for it “Yeah, I guess I could be Loki, but I’m not

so sure I wantto crossplay.”

“But you know that it gets major points with the judges if you can make yourself look like you’re the opposite sex,” Ricky pointed out

He had a point, but Sara was still hesitant “What about you? Who would you put with Loki?” she argued. “You’re not built for Thor, Odin,

or a frost giant”

“True, I may not be built for them,” Ricky began, “but I know who I am built to be that would go pretty well with Loki….”

That Saturday, Sara stood awkwardly dressed like the trickster god (as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston, at least). No one looked at her

oddly, but she still felt self-conscious.

“I honestly don’t get why you’re so nervous,” Ricky said as he walked back to her with swaying hips. She had to admit that his Black

Widow costume made Ricky look like a really convincing woman (and a sexy one, at that). His breast forms looked real, he made his hips

seem wider via corset, his hair and makeup were on point, and he seemed to have no trouble walking in high heels.

“I wouldn’t expect anyone to make fun of a girl dressed like a guy,” he continued. “If anything I’m the one who should be embarrassed.

You just gotta be confident and you’ll be fine. Look over there.” Ricky pointed in the direction from which he’d come back, and Sara

realized he’d just entered a crossdressing contest as well. “If you want, I can sign you up, too; but we have a couples’ contest to enter

first” As if on cue, the people signed up for the couples’ contest were called to be judged. “Remember, just be confident,” he repeated.

“First up, we have Ricky and Sara dressed as Black Widow and Loki… respectively.”


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