Gender Bender Teemo (Male to Female /Crossdresser Fiction)

A simple story about Gender bender Teemo! Please support and if u have any comments, feel free to write it. Favorite it if you like it. Thank You! :) (Smile) The words are suppose to be pure white, not sure how it became this sorry! I recently started playing a new game this year. It a famous game called ‘League of Legends’. I usually hear it from classmates talking about the gameplay of it and have never try the game before. It was until than one day, I gave in to temptation and started to try playing that game to find out why is this game so fun and famous.  

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I went through the tutorial of the game as it’s my first time playing it. I heard from League of Legends player from my class talking about their best or favorite character(champion) and how good they are in it therefore I tried a few bots game playing different types of character however I couldn’t find a character that I enjoy playing or finding it strong. It was when I came across this free character to play named ‘Teemo’. When I 1st saw this character, I found him quite fluffy and cute. I instantly felt in love with it. I immediately rush to a bot game and wanted to try that character. When the game finished, I had the most kill in the game for the first time. I found interest in playing and wanted to rush levels with my new favorite character ‘Teemo’ crossdresser a1 One month have past, I have reach the maximum level I could reach in League of Legends. I just love playing Teemo! I became talking to my friends about Teemo almost every day and my friends just wished that I could just shut up. I began to buy Teemo soft toy, Teemo hat, Teemo body pillow, Teemo bedsheet, Teemo water bottle and Teemo poster from this store called “I am Teemo!” store as I was just so addicted to Teemo. That night, I put everything up in place. I placed the soft toy on my bed, started to hug the body pillow and placing the posters on the wall and soon went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I suddenly felt pain and shouted. I woke up in pain and when I tried to get up. I realized I started to sound like Teemo. I started to touch my neck and realize that my ADAM APPLE is NOT THERE! I started to panic and run out of my house to my garden. My voice was completely smooth there, soft and feminine. To my horror, my arms lost muscular mass and fats, becoming slim and delicate as my leg became little tighter, smooth and thinner. My whole body started to shrink. My breath started to accelerate as I saw myself transforming. I blushed as I took off my shirt as my breast started to form and it became hard. I started to look at myself on the mirror and I saw myself changing to a female Teemo? b1 Starting to feel curious, I quickly took off my pants just to realize that my penis started shrinking. Shortly after I saw myself having a Vagina and butt plumping out. After changing, I couldn’t believe it in my own eyes and I started touching them to see if I was really a female Teemo. As I touch my wet vagina and squeeze my breast, I started to moan as it felt sensitive and made me excited. Soon I receive a message on my cellphone from a number that I didn’t recognize and it says “By now you should have change to a cute female Teemo. The Teemo body pillow had been curse with spells and it only transform or change gender if you really like Teemo. Goodbye and have fun with your new body hahaha.” It must be from that shop! I started to masturbate and said to myself ‘ “OMG I am in love with my new body as now not only am I a cute female but I have also changed into a character I always like in League of legends. This got to be the best thing that have happened in my life’


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