Sissy crossdressing versus sissy transgender fiction


See you later.” Three words that set the cogs in motion…of everything that would transpire, but more
specifically and crucially, the gears in the minds of Jared and Rory as they watched Aunt Clarissa leave for
work. She wasn’t their real aunt of course. most aunts aren’t. she was one of those aunts who were actually
just an unspecified family friend. the title of ‘aunt’ bestowed upon them to ensure respect. With Clarissa the
title just stuck. even when the boys reached their late teens. It made even less sense when you realise that
Jared and Rory aren ‘t even related and that Clarissa was the mutual best-friend of their respective mothers,
who over the years had made the most of their friendships by sending the boys to stay with their ‘aunt’ near
the sea whenever they felt like a quiet weekend.

Clarissa rather resented this and found the boys to be brattish and obnoxious, but she put up with them to keep her friends happy. However. things began to get too much as the boys got older and became more interested in the attractive mature woman’s ‘private’ affairs, culminating one morning when she found them rummaging through her toys, her face turning as red as the thick dildo in Jared’s hand. ‘I ‘ve had it with you brats! ‘ she screeched, the boys cowering fearfully before her, ‘…ok, here’s the deal… ‘ she softened a little, ‘…one of you is getting that where the sun don’t shine.” The boys gulped audibly and clenched their bottoms. ‘Which, however, is up to you…by the time I get home tonight, whichever of you is the most adorable little sissy will get his bum cherry taken by big red
there. ‘ She nodded at the phallus in Jared’s grasp as she began to throw on her coat, ‘…see you later.”

You know what this is, right.” it was ten minutes later and Rory was handing a cup of coffee to his friend,
it’s divide and conquer. She expects us to turn on each other. All we have to do is show solidarity, go about
our normal day and when she comes home, stand together firmly as she left us. There’s room for two alpha
males here.

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Well I sure don’t want my ass cheeks divided and conquered by that thing… ‘ he looked nervously at the
crimson sex toy still lying on the counter. ‘You know what Aunt Clarissa is like…she really knows how to get
her way… ‘ He raised his mug to his lips and took large mouthfuls of hot latte, drinking almost a third
thirstily. The room began to spin and out of the corner of his eye he noticed the packets of pills sitting next to
the coffee machine. It was all he could do the shoot a betrayed look at Rory just before he slumped forward
onto the kitchen table…

Jared awoke in a large bedroom. He quickly realised it was Clarissa ‘s and as the details of her promise began
to reform in his brain, panic set in. Fortunately, a digital alarm clock on the dresser assured him that it was
only midday, still, it was not only clear that Rory had gone back on his own idea to ‘stand together’ but that
he had also struck first. Hestitantly, Jared picked up the hand mirror next to the clock to survey the damage…


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