Fiction With A Special Potion To Turn Him Into A Girl


“Are you sure this going to work, honey?” asked Matt for the 3″1 time that night.

“N early 100% sure.” answered Rebecca who was stirring a cauldron while reading a strange book They were in their house”: secret basement where Rebecca did her
witchcraft. It was around 11pm and Rebecca was brewing a special potion for Matt-
A special potion to turn him into a girl.This had all started a week earlier
when their daughter, Julia had announced the theme to her birthday.

“I’m going to have a princas party!”
Julia had exclaimed.

“That’s nice dear.” Rebecca had said.
“Will it be a princess and prince party?” asked Matt

“Nope, no boys allowed” answered Julia

“What about me, your father?’questioned Matt

“Nope, not allowed.” Julia said firmly and then left the room

“I can’t believe she’s not letting me go to her birthday party, especially since it’s her 5th. I really want to be there”sighed Matt.

“I’ll get her to change her mind-” said Rebecca

It was the night before Julia’s birthday when Rebecca talked to Matt about it.
“I couldn’t get Julia to change her mind.” she said “But, I might have
another sohrtion.”

“What is it?”

“You know Kate?”

“Julia’s friend Kate?”

“Ya, wellshe can’t make it to the party, son as thinking you could
take her place.”

“And how would you do that?”
“Witcherafl.” John didn’t exactly know much about Rebecca’ s Witchcraft other than she practised it in the basement and it was dangerous.

“Ok, I guess” said Matt a little wearily That was why they were in the basement at 11pm, brewing a potion

“Done!” exclaimed Rebecca as she passed a potion to Matt “Now, drink up!”Matttoolrabiggulp of the potion. He immediately felt weird and the world begun to spin around him


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