Fiction about Cursed To Be A Gymnast

Cursed To Be A Gymnast-1

“All right, so you managed to turn me into a girl. I’m sorry. l admit that I was wrong. Now
turn me back!”

“What do you mean I have to earn the cure for this ‘curse’?”

“Fine, how do I do that?”

“Wait… The Gymnastics team? Join the team? Win The State Championship?  The
season doesn’t even start for another whole month!”

“Ugh… I should have realized you’d pull this. Especially when you handed me this to wear
right after I changed.”

“Well, at least l can admit that I have nice legs and a decent rack as a girl. That’s

“What do you mean… ‘Yeah, the boys will love you in your leotard’… Sis you are evil!”



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