Fiction about Crossdressing Swimming Lessons


I remember my name used to be Ken. That was quite a while ago however now I am now Jane. No words could describe how much I am in love with my new body I am having now and is here to tell you all that have

Physical Education Lessons are my favorite lessons in school. They are fun especially Mien I am bored or lesson are just too boring. Going out for a break to exercise and keeping fit.

Today’ s Physical Education Lessons is swimming. Everyone in my class went to get change into their swimming attire and the best part of all is getting to see my own crush on a swimming suit!

When everyone assemble at the swimming pool, I can’t help but wanted to look at how at how Jasmine (my crush) look like. Oh my God. She so freaking hotll I wish swimming lessons was every day.

Soon lessons starts. we went for trails run given by our swimming Instructor and Improve on our strokes in swimming. As soon as I know it. times passes way too fast. Swimming lessons is going to end. We were given
2 hour to change up and go for lunch break.

I wish I could see more of Jasmine figure as I drag my foot to the changing room. Took my cloths and went to take a shower.

After bathing, I went out of the shower/changing room which I also saw Jasmine walking out of the changing room too which I believe she already finish showering and was heading back to class.

As she was heading back to class, her swimming suit dropped out of her plastic bag she was caring. When I wanted to call her name to tell her that she dropped her stuff. my mind thought of something else.

I looked to the left. right, 360 degree all around me and I saw no one at the corridor of the changing room so i decided to maybe give it a try and wear the swimming suit on. Getting hold of my crash item, this is like a
dream come true. I immediately went back to the changing room and I actually went to hug it and smell it. After that I saw the label at the back and it mentioned the word ‘TG Companv. I didn’t take notice of it as I had no idea what T6 was. My mind first impression was just a company selling swimming suit.

Taking no interest in the tag, I immediately strip off naked and start wearing the swimsuit. As soon as I wore her swimming suit, suddenly I felt a great pain at my chest and in fact my whole body. My leg became little tighter. smooth and thinner. My whole body started to shrink. My eyes widened as my hands dug deep into the feminine nightmare. and pulled and yanked hard. My chest started to vibrate and soon my breast started to form. My Adam apple got sucked In and realizing that my manhood was disappearing. My butt started to push
out. I was so scared. I had no idea what was happening to me. Why am I changing to a female? I quickly put my hands on my penis and to my honor. it was no longer there. It had become a vagina as l stroked it a few times and I started to give a soft and female moan.

I started to think, is it because of the swimming suit that I am wearing? How did Jasmine get this swimming suit? Wait a minute. was jasmine once a male too? I couldn’t think straight at all. However I choose not to think of It as I quickly took the swimming suit off and after 5 minutes, I did not change back to a male
anymore! I looked down at my new body totally naked and started to touch my new developed breast and soon I could no longer control myself and had the urge of masturbating as my vagina became wet. I love my new
My. In the same timeI my face was totally red.


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