Fiction about crossdressing new appearance


Aww look at you Cedric… All dolled up…Quite literally I suppose since you’re standing there motionless. l warned you not to bother me while I was learning hypnosis. But noooo you just had to distract me at every chance writing it off as rubbish. I guess that’s why you dressed yourself up like this? It was so fun watching you ask the saleswoman if that eyeliner was right for you. Or when you strutted past those boys after you’d purchased your adorable little outfit hoping one of them would speak to you. But relax. I’m not that cruel. Mess with me again and maybe I’ll make your new subconcious Celia surface again… Maybe with an interest in boys? Though until you annoy me again I guess she’ll just remain cute and oblivious. So… Once I snap my fingers, you’ll return to being. Cedric but maybe you won’t notice your new appearance. So maybe Celia will actually come to life for everyone else while you watch bewildered.‘


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