Fiction about Carefully choosing a corset and wig

crossdress sissy

He’d been carefully planning it for months. The second he’d seen the costumes he knew he had to try them on. George had worked hard to earn the right to be the one who locked up the theatre at night. The second he felt the cold metal of the set of keys in his palm, he’d raced upstairs to the costume department after the director had left. Carefully choosing a corset and wig he made a beeline for the most beautiful pink dress he’d seen and after padding out the empty cups of the bra and selecting heels high enough to prevent him tripping up over the sea of petticoats he went to apply his makeup. Looking in the mirror he was entranced by himself. So much so that he failed to notice the lead actress behind him. Awww don’t you look beautiful Georgina. You’ve clearly put a lot of work to get into my panties. And look at the understudy role you’ve gained!‘

crossdress SISSY


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