Feminization fiction tg caption abducted


OMG are what has happened” Tony thought when he lost his
balance and he fell down on the floor because the heels of his
shoes rose with 3 lnches with in a minute. As he lay on the floor he
noticed that he was having long hair, a feminine body and that he
was wearing female clothes. ‘I’he last thing that he could remember
wast hat he put on the televlsion when a biue ray of llght hit him.
In a blur, he could remember that he was beamed up to an UFO. In
that UFO they conducted all kind of experiments with him including
molding his body using a strange device. First he got two heads and
three legs and after that they stretched his neck so that he looked
like a giraffe. At the end of the experiment Tony was beamed down
were he fell on the floor because he was wearing high heels of at
least 3 inches.

tony checked the body he was now having. lie was now having the
body of a woman Including breasts and other feminine curves like
long slender legs.Tony also noticed that his clothing was changed in
something appropriate for his new looks, even his sneakers were
transformed into nice high heels. When the day went on Tony got
used more and more to his new body.

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At the end of the day he decided to change his name in Tonya. She
also got used to the feeling of her new clothing on her new smooth
skin and the girlish curves that she is having. if this is the only side
effect of the alien abduction i can live with it she thought.


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