Feminization fiction malfunction swap


“This is so wrong.” Joshua stated as he kept unbuttoning his blouse. “I need
no stop. but look at these,” he uttered as he gripped his tits and moaned
because of that. “This is so good. Professor Carroll’s body is so sensitive
and it’s so hot.” Joshua kept exclaiming as he continued exploring his current
body after a long resistance.

“I need to stop, but… ah!” He moaned again as he tried to remember
who he was. Three days before, Joshua was a college student of the science
department and also the junior assistant at professor Carroll’s research. But that
was until a malfunctioning in on of the devices caused the whole staff to
exchange bodies.

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“I’m sorry professor, but I can’t hold any longer,” Joshua sentenced as he
finally took off everything and started to satisfy his current needs, after all there
was not exact date for them to swap back and his female urgencies had
reached the point where it was impossible to hold back any longer.


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