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How real is this? To be honest I’m not sure.
The dress and the shoes? I can say that without a doubt that they’re real. But the rest, well…
Look, the hair feels real. I pull on It and I feel It. It hurts. The breasts? I poke, and I feel the pokes. What’s misslng in-between my legs? It’s missing all right!
What happened? I’m not fully sure. I mean I won’t lie. I was… Am? I’m not sure the tense here… Look, I always wanted to be a girl, and would dress up as one and go out in public!

This time I ended up at the shopping mall. And for some reason when I saw a photo booth that had a sign on the side that advertised to let you show the world your true self, I went in! I’m not fully sure why.

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Once inside, the usual stuff happened. I sat there. Pictures were taken. I made silly faces and stuff for some of them. But when I left, there were no pictures waiting for me. Instead, the wlg I use to look like a redhead felt odd, so I ducked Into a bathroom so I could fix It. And when I tried to adjust it slightly, It Instead felt like normal hair! Worse, I realized my falsles didn‘t feel like falsles, and well…. I did a quick check down there and found my ‘plumbing’ had changed as well!

To be honest, I’m happy about this! Ecstatic! I’m finally on the outside who I feel like I am on the inside! But with that said, I don’t know what I’m going to tell my friends and family about the new me…


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