Dodging Old Age and the Draft


Old ladies like me can knock 10 years off our age just by femulating. The makeup hides some of our faces' signs of old age. Girdles hide some of the pounds we put on as we mature. But I think wearing a wig makes the biggest difference. Replace thinning gray hair (or no hair) with a beautiful hairdo in a pretty color and a 60-year-old guy becomes a 50-something lady.

Some hairstyles are better than others when you step aboard the time machine and put it in reverse. And Fabulous 55 suggests 21 hairstyles that will knock 10 years off your age. (That's a total of 20 years off for a femulator wearing the right wig!)

For what it's worth, some of the suggested hairstyles are actually wigs. I recognized styles offered by Raquel Welch and Tony of Beverly, so if they are one of the hairstyles you would like to try, it is easy-peasy finding a matching wig.

Here is the link to Fabulous 55's article. Happy hairstyle shopping!

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At the height of the Vietnam War, my buddies were cooking up ways of avoiding the draft.

My friend Jack came up with the bright idea of showing up at the draft board dressed as a woman if he ever got drafted. It seemed like a surefire way of getting a deferment and sent back home to mother, butΒ Jack never had to wear frillies and become Jackie because he received a high draft number.

Anyway, I find it a little ironic that 50 years later, the US military is now accepting transgender recruits (not that there is anything wrong with that).


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