Crossdressing sissy maid on friday fiction


Staff.’ ‘m gave her best drill seargeant impression, ‘assenrble’ rim tried not
to squirm with discomfort as he stood to attention next to Bridgette. It was back.: that
feeling of intense shame and humiliation that he had somehow managed to push to the
back of his mind over the past few months had returned with a vengeance at the
thought of being confronted by an outsider, his parole officer no less. Mrs. Smith came
down the line and inspected his french maid uniform. adjusting his stockings, tightening
his apron and meticulously examining his makeup. She was just finishing up when the
apartment elevator pinged and the doors opened revealing an overweight balding man
somewhat perplexed by the sight before him. His parole officer, ‘Remember what we
discussed.” Mrs. Smith hissed sharply, ‘I will be listening and if every answer is not what
we practiced, I ‘ll make sure you’re back behind bars before the end of the week.’,’

So, errrrmm, how are you liking the assignment.” the parole officer started their
meeting with obvious awkwardness, desperately trying to avoid making eye contact 2
with Carl, who in turn was trying to remember the lines he had been made to rehearse.
Oh, it’s fabulous, ‘ he forced at effeminate voice through gritted teeth. ‘I get to spend
all day dressed asia sissy maid serving my mistress. ‘ Carl could feel himself dying on the
inside. ‘She always makes sure I look beautiful while I serve her and her friends and
she’s even giving me some transferable skills.

Errrrr…, ‘ the parole office chewed on his pen hesitantly, not sure if he wanted to know
the answer, ‘like what?’

well, for a start, she s been giving me extra with learning to walk in heels, kill

fine now, screamed Carl’s inside voice, ‘and of course she used to own a finishing school

so i’ve been getting lots of ladies’ etiquette training. ‘ The parole officer began to sweat,

he clearly wanted to change the subject and he was starting to feel sorry for Carl. He

indicated that he would like to see his work ‘tools’ and Carl fished them his apron:

rubber glo ves, lipstick, a feather duster and a wooden paddle.



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