Crossdressing raider of the last panties fiction


Ralph hammered desperately on the front door of the sorority house, praying they would open before anyone could see him. He was painfully out of breath, collecting the panties had been a close call as, on going for the pair in the fraternity TV room, he had found several of his frat brothers lying in a drunken stupour on the sofa. He had been able to retrieve the thong from the wall just as they were waking up and fortunately in their hungover state they hadn ‘t recognised him. This still hadn ‘t stopped them chasing him halfway across campus… Now, finally back where it all began, the corset held his torso in an iron grip preventing him from catching his wind and keeping him in a state of breathless exhaustion.

So I see you made it! ‘ simpered Lizzie the sorority’s president after opening the door to find a still feminised Ralph holding a heap of panties of all colors and styles. ‘Follow me! ‘ she led him inside the house and up to the second floor to Martha’s bedroom. Martha was sat on the floor with a laptop but lumbered to her feet on seeing Lizzie and Ralph enter the room.

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Hmmmm…that’s a good start, ‘ she mused thoughtfully, eyeing the mound of underwear Ralph was carrying.

A g-g-good start to what?‘ he stammered nervously.

Why to your new wardrobe of course! ‘ Martha replied, practically laughing. ‘You can’t wear my clothes all year can you?‘

All year!?’

Of course, look at the state of this room, I’m hardly Mary Poppins am I?I need a maid to keep things clean. Sure you’ll have to sleep in here,‘ she continued, indicating her single bed in the corner of the room, ‘but I won’t take up THAT much space with you as my little spoon and I’m sure the sisters will be happy to donate some outfits to complete your wardrobe. Wait! I think I may even have a uniform for you in my naughty drawer! ‘ She rummaged in her dresser momentarily and pulled out a latex maid ‘s outfit. ‘This will fit you nicely!

W-w-why would! be your maid for a year?‘ stuttered Ralph, shivering at the thought of it.

Because my dear sissy…‘ interjected Lizzie, ‘Martha here isn’t just our loveable bear, she’s also a Computer Science major and she has just hacked into the college database and removed your file, so if you want it to be put back before exam time comes around, I suggest you do exactly as she says! Now…which panties shall we start with under that cute uniform?‘

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