Crossdressing fiction tg caption a girl’s toy


It must have a few weeks since I had cleaned my room, and it was time that I actually
cleaned my room. While I was cleaning, I found my girlfriend left her vibrator in my room.
I wished my girlfriend would stop forget her “toys” in my room.

It was a pink dildo that was at least 9 inches long which natural made me wanting to compare it with my own penis. Even fully erect, my penis wasn’t as long, but I should have been too surprised. It is after just a piece of silicone and plastic which is nothing like a real thing. I accidentally turned the vibrator on really shock my penis and it start to feel numb. It started to shrink inward while my hips flared outward. I had to admit to myself that I had a very nice female frame which was a lot different from my male body. My skin had become so soft and hairless that I couldn’t help but rub my smooth legs. The only hair I had was on my head and thin patch of hair on my womanhood. I couldn’t help, but run my fingers into my womanhood and rub the clitoris. When I did that to myself I could feel this internal
sensation inside of me that ran deep in my womanhood and all the way up my back to my
shoulders. Weight immerged into my chest and I cupped my beaUtiful, expanding breasts.
l cupped one of my breasts as I fingered my pussy which was a wonderful combination. The remaining clothes l was wearing turned into a Burgundy Baby Doll Lingerie set.

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“I wonder what would happen if I put this dildo into my body?’ I said out loud as I inserted
the nice, long, dildo into my womanhood. That action was foreign and weird, for I wasn’t
used to having something inserted into my body while having sex. Every thrust of the dildo
into my body made my womanhood pulse and tingle deep inside my body. I could feel my
womanhood pulsating constantly over a long amount of time. It was a lot different
experience because when I was a man, I would experience one large organism. As a
woman, I experienced a series of orgasms which left my entire body numb. I just lay on my
bed tired and exhausted.

I was net asleep that long when my bedroom door opened and a handsome man walked
into my room. I remembered that this man was my boyfriend and he had a loving look on
his face. He tenderly kissed my lips and neck which made my entire body tingle. He held my soft breaSts in his hands, and squeezed my nipples. “Wow, my breaSts are sensitive” I
thought as my back involuntarily arched backwards. He guided me to Stand against the wall and brushed lv‘s throbbing manhood against my thin fabric of my underwear. It felt so good that my heart was beating faster and my womanhood soaked through my panties. I
directed my boyfriend to the bed and rode his throbbing cock and felt two massive
orgasms. The laSt orgasm was so massive that I direCted my boyfriend to get on top of me
and finish… Wait a second, wasn’t I a man a few minutes ago?


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