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Come on Ash, is that all you have? ‘ Misty taunted as he summoned his defeated Charmander
back into its Pokeball. ‘You’re never going to defeat the next gym leader battling like that!‘
She stood proudly alongside her victorious Starmie. Beside Ash, Pikachu bounced up and
down eager to join the battle in which he would have a definitive advantage the water type

Relax Pikachu, this is just a practice match. Ash gritted his teeth, .we’re training for the
next gym leader, who uses exclusively ground-type pokemon so we need to work on sonre
new strategies.’.The little yellow pokemon folded its paws it frustration and Ash felt a
similar emotion as he regretted leaving his Bulbasaur at the last Pokemon Center for a check up, the grass-type would also have the upper-hand against Misty ‘s water pokemon and be able to hold its own against ground types. Desperate not to lose even a friendly bout to his competitive friend, he turned his attention to the other pokeballs at his belt, including ones he had recently cught. ‘Hmmmm..\’ he grinned, ‘.here goes nothing! ‘ With one hand he reached for the bill of his cap, jolting it sideways, and with the other he snatched a ball from his belt and prepared the throw it. ‘Ditto…l choose you!

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l-luh… what’s that.” Misty stared at the shapeless lump of purple goo squaring up to her
Starmie, looks gross.“ But Ash wasn ‘t listening, he was desperately fumbling with his
Pokedex for some strategy data on his new pokemo
Ditto…the transform pokemon.. the digitised voice of the handheld device anounced,
Huh?‘ Ash wrinkled his brow, clearly confused by this contradiction.”okay. he shrugged,
Ditto…use your Transform attack! ‘ Ditto responded immediately, glowing an even
brighter shade of purple before shooting a translucent beam at its opponent. Starmie lept
into action, catching the beam with its jewelled center and refracting the light everywhere,
swallowing the two pokemon in an illuminous cloud along with their respective trainers.
When the glowing light dissipated there were now two Starmie facing off in the battle area.

Urmmmm.. Ash.. Misty called gingerly, .do I look different in any way to you?‘ Still
dazzled, he shook his head at his friend who looked same as always. ‘Oh good.. she seemed
relieved, .then I guess it’s just you.


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