Crossdressing Fiction Girl For A Day


When his wife asked Sven if he would like to be a girl for a day Sven agreed with it. But Sven could not expect what this change would be for the rest of his life. After Sven agreed to be a girl for a day he startedto develop feminine curves like a curvy ass and real feminine hips.

After that his hair started growing and his chest started expanding. Besides
that his manhood started shirking and disappeared. When the changes were complete his wife handed Sven now Svetlana some lingerie that better fitted his current looks and they agreed that Svetlana first would get used to her new body before they would go outside. But when his wife entered the room together with a hot guy she is reacting shocked because was overwhelmed by the feminine feelings that started rushing through her body. Now feeling a real woman she hopes that the hot guy can give her a night she would never forget.

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But what Sven did not know was that after experiencing the big 0 as a woman the changes had become permanent and that he had to live being Svetlana for the rest of his life.


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