Crossdressing fiction finding the girl


lt can be tough finding the one. any one in fact. but when you live in one of the
most romantic countries in the world. as Lorenzo did. and you still can’t get a
second know you have to alter your strategy a little. Desperate boys
call for desperate measures…or maybe just desperate girls… living in Italy,
Lorenzo had of course heard the stories about the mysterious little town. which
lay somewhere between Milan and Palermo. named Femini. inhabited only by
women but for the domineering ‘Padre’. Those girls have likely never even seen
another guy, Lorenzo theorised. if only l could find a way in to the village. I bet l
could have my pick of any of them…

The obvious flaw to this was that Lorenzo was very much a guy, but then again.
desperate plans call for desperate measures. In wasn’t a problem for him to hide
himself away, since he wasn’t someone people tended to notice anyway, but his
transformation was as taxing as it was drastic. Locking himself away in his
room, he toiled over beauty videos on Youtube, practicing with cosmetics bought
online as he sought to soften, to smooth and to feminise his features enough to
fool the unsuspecting eye. Finally he was skilled enough and even with his bank
funds running law, he ordered clothes for his trip to the forbidden town. Gowns.
stockings. jewellery and even underwear arrived in brown paper packages and
after a successful test run in his own neighborhood, he was ready to go.

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His hair now grown long and auburn and his slender body encased in a tight
designer dress. Lorenzo had had no problems fooling the women living on the
outskirts of Femini. Perhaps they weren’t on the look out for a young man
tottering along in expensive heels, but don ‘t let that take away from how good
he looked. As he made his way into the heart of the town he scanned every
woman he saw in search of perfection. Even discounting those too old for him
there were scores of beautiful girls and finally he happened on what could only
be described as a goddess watering flowers outside of a large villa. He darted up
to her and took her hand and soon he was revealing everything to her, his heart
pounding as he realised he had just thrown all his chips in on one hand. To his
delight. she seemed in awe of his daring and shared her dreams of one day
leaving Femini and finding a man, but now…now she wanted to leave right away
with this knight in women ‘s clothing before her. She just needed to get some
things from the villa…

Father!’ It was ten minutes later and Lorenzo was scaling a villa staircase with
his conquest when a towering figure of masculinity appeared. The Padre. The girl
looked at him warmly and Lorenzo realised it must be her father…she was the
Padre ‘5 daughter. ‘Father…‘ she repeated, a smile plastered on her face. ‘…you
know how you said I could have any girl in the village as my wife?‘ She smirked
at Lorenzo mischieviously. ‘…well. I’ve made my choice…