Crossdressing come together fiction


Frank and Louise were having serious man’iage problems. Their
communication had completely broken down and they spent more time
arguing than not. they just couldn’t see eye to eye on anything anymore. In
one last attempt to save their failing relationship. Louise found a local
alternative therapist online that promised to repair their mane and
restore their love to what is was when they first met. With some persuasion
Frank agreed to give it a go.

Please promise me you ‘ll give this your 100% and do whatever they say,’
begged Louise as they walked side by side up the drive to the clinic. Frank
sighed wearily but vowed quietly that he would as he held open a glass
panel door for his wife. They were greeted by a severe looking woman in her
3os, upon seeing the arrival of the couple her face broke into a hard smile.
Ah, if it isn’t the Watsons. we’ve been expecting you. Follow me and we can
get started immediately.‘ she led them into a small reception. ‘You are here
because you wish to save your relationship. well that’s what we do here but
we do have conditions. If this is to work you must do what we say to the
letter, and you must do it together, that’s the key here. Ok, first you must
bare yourself to your partner and strip away everything material that
separates you.’ Frank looked at Louise with discomfort as she slowly began to
remove her top. She gazed pleadingly at Frank for him to do the same and
soon enough they both standing opposite each other as naked as the day
they were born.

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Okay, good,‘ resumed the hard-faced woman. ‘This first activity is designed
to recreate the beginnings of your relationship, you will be stepping together
into the unknown with no control over your situation except for the knowledge
you will be doing it together. I would like you to walk into the next room and
put on whatever uniform is waiting for you to prepare for the first task.’
Nervously the nude couple stepped into the next room, it was completely
empty but for two small boxes in the centre of the room. They walked over to
examine the contents. On seeing the pink and the latex Frank’s eyes went
wide. No way was he doing this!

Frank you promised you would do whatever it took remember, ‘ pleaded
Louise as she examined the duel pair of handcuffs that lay between the


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