Crossdresser fictionthe betrayal of lara lake


Detectives Rocky Law and taro Lake stood just inside the derelict room to which
they ‘d been summoned. The abandoned building was declared safe but with
splintered wood and bare electrical wiring everywhere, it looked anything but…
Across the room, standing beside the old public telephone that had been used
to call them, stalked a feminine figure dressed in pale leather. blonde locks
flowing over tanned shoulders. Another one, they could only assume… Lara
spotted a small tape-recorder with an accompanying white feather lying on the
bare floorboards in front of them and before her partner could stop her, she
gleefully scooped in up and pressed play…

Dear Anton, i wont to play a game. For nearly an year now you have been
running a tidy little scum, renting out apartments that don ‘t exist in buildings
that aren ‘t in use to unsuspecting saps. By the time anyone realises, you are
long gone with their deposibleaving their wollets as empty as your promises.
You might have thought advertising in neighborhoods with low English fluency
was a safe route…easy money…risk-free…so how about we moire things a Httle
tougher for you? You have been fitted with a state-of-the-art female bodysuit
that in four hours will bond permanently to your skin, unlessuunless, you
complete a very special task forme. This quaintlittleroomis missing some
torrents, don’t you think tliow about wearronge a little showing tlwont you to
call the pollee…speciflcally Detectives Rocky Law and taro Lake. You shouldn ‘t
have to ask twice, they know all about my little games. At least you should
hope not because if they ‘re not here in four hours, you ‘ll be doing more than
just letting that cute little body I’ve put you in…

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I did it…they’re here!!’ the woman that was apparently Anton began to call
out to noone in particular as the two detectives stared at each other in surprise.
Had they wolked into a trap? Without warning, the slender babe started to
writhe and convulse, shaking and tearing at her own flesh as Rocky and Laro
realised they were watching the definitive end of Anton ’s life as a man. He let
out a terrified scream, trembling in horror before finally it was over and he was
staring at his audience blonkly through defeated eyes.

Looks like someone’s sold you a lie… ‘ Lara smirked at the clearly devastated
criminal. Rocky gestured to her to be quiet but she ignored him and began to
stroll towards Anton, a mocking expression pasted across her face. ‘I must say I
approve of your ‘renovations’… ‘ The fraudster seemed to scowl with his angelic
new face and with a burst of movement, he stumbled on his ridiculous platform
heels over to the fuse box to his right and slammed down the master lever,
plunging the entire building into thick darkness. Moments later there were two
heavy thud sos the detectives slurnped to the floor sedated…


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