Crossdresser fiction the perfect woman


Everybody knows about the dark story of Victor Frankenstein, but
almost no body knows about the story of his great grandson Marcus
Frankenstein, the lecherous genius.


Because the only thing he was interested in was the female body,
though not in a scientific perspective. However this was going to
change when he shows to the world his greatest creation.

After along research of his great grandfathers text, he not just
managed to replicate the process, but also improved it… a little. And
with that knowledge he created the perfect woman.

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“What the…?” she said as she awoke.

“She is alive!” he exclaimed excited.

“Why do I have boobs? And this hair? I’m a woman!”

“Not just a woman, the perfect woman!”

“But I’m a guy!”

“Exactly! The most gorgeous body that no guy can resist controlled
by the only kind of brain that understands the desires of a guy. You,
babe, are the perfect woman! Stella!”


“No time for buts, let begin with the practical test,” Marcus
sentenced taking off his pants leaving his creation speechless.


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