Crossdress fiction superpowered training


“Welcome to the team. I’m kind of glad you decided to join up after you helped us stop that ‘Massive Transformation Plot’.”
“What’s with the goggles? Simple. Power training and testing. In other words you try to take me down with every
skill and power you have, and I in turn hand you your ass.And whatever you do, don’t hold back because I’m a girl. I can change back to a guy whenever I want. And even ifl couldn’t, I can still mop the floor with you!”

“Oh really? Prove it! As for the goggles, they’re basic training safety. They keep me from going blind in case of
massive power flareups.”

Crossdresser sexy panties hide male organs Camel Toe lace underwear


Give yourself an entire new look!!
With perfectly hiding your male organ with camel toe, wearing this panties should give you an entire a new feminine look, , you are a complete woman!

“Your power. My power. It doesn’t matter. 80 go over there and grab a pair of goggles for yourself. Then get ready! Odds are by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be regretting joining this team!”


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