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The minister for education and sport invited one of our famous female basketball players to be his consultant for sport propagation and development. Her sport nick name is Wildcat. She was not interested on this job because of ministers very bad reputation. Corruption scandals. affairs with young girls. event younger than 18. Our Secret Service did received this information in advance but we didn’t know how to take use of it. But after the message in media, that Wildcat don’t reflect journalist questions about it. we sent an agent to introduce in her house and inspect if there is nothing
interesting for us.

Our agent found much more than some ordinary evidence of connection to the naughty minister. He found Wildcat death. She died during swimming in her pool at home. Immediately our special team arrived. disguised as technical support from the municipal utilities.
The decision was clear. We will replace the real (death) Wildcat by a professional impostor, who will enter to closest team of the minister and will try to monitor all his illegal activities. But there was no woman in our secret service with the at least similar shape of body – Wildcat was a really high girl, like all the female basketball players.

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After long decision making we choose male agent to replace Wildcat. Fortunately that he was going to disguise as a big girl – no one will wonder that the ‘erdcat’ has a bigger feet. After all. a lot of time was spent searching proper bigger shoes. However informed colleagues from the special unit laughed because of the very long shopping like a real woman. this had helped him to get into the female character.


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