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Hello everybody if you are reading this, then my name is Christoph, I’m the girl you see on
your left. I know it’s weird for a cute girl like me to have a boy like a name but the truth is I
used to be a boy. Well, I will tell you my story.

It started with my best friend Mike and I. We were at the last year of high school. We both know that there were no chance of us getting any dates for the prom. So since our grades haven’t really been that good we both will make this deal. Mike what this rock that he likes to call the betting rock, which is a rock where people make bets on and the rock will make sure it will come true. So we bet on the rock on who have the lowest grades will have to be the others person date for prom by the end of trimester 1. And you can guess who lost me. I tried to get away with it but the rock started to glow and I couldn’t move. But I could feel my that my body is changing. I shrank down by a feel inches I could feel my body hair falling off… okay, okay I lied about that I didn’t really have body hair in high school which was embarrassing. But my hair started to grow nice and long. My eyes widen, nose shrank a bit and my lips were plump out. Next, my skeleton reshapes to a more female appearance. My arms and legs slim up to look more female like.

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In addition, two breasts grew from my chest, but I got to admit I was a bit disappointed but
it was all forgiving when my ass expanded. The last part of the transformation was the most hurtful part. I loosed my manhood. l was lying there on the floor but lucky Mike was kind to help me up. Soon we both realized that not only that I have changed but my life to
everybody thinks me as Christy. Only me and Mike know about my old life. Being a girl
wasn’t really bad I was able to get used to my new life. I even became popular and become
the child my parents always wanted. Even Mikes life change too. Or did I forgot to say that
the rock changes him to, Mike got change into a jock, and now he is on the football team at
our school. It was until a month until Mike and I started dating each other, living a great life.
And now as you can see I’m finding a prom dress for prom which is next month with Mike.
So Good Bye


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