Cos the volunteer crossdressing fiction


After a low-key start, Charlie was gradually settling into life in a fraternity. There were so many new things to get used to, so many new brothers to get to know but at last it was all starting to come together and was proving to be a rollercoaster ride that would make his college experience complete. Exiting the frat house’s gamesroom, he encountered Austin the fraternity’s president.

Hey Charlie, we’re meeting with our sister sorority in the common room at 5pm to select a maid for the coming school year. Everyone’s going to be there so make sure you’re not late.‘ A maid !? This just gets better and better he though to himself as he tried to imagine one of the sexy sorority girls dusting his shelves in a short apron. Frat life rocks.

Five pm arrived and Charlie entered the common room just as the sorority girls were filing in. His pulse was racing, he had inadvertently caught a glimpse earlier ofAustin unpacking the maid uniform and man was it hot. He cast his attention from girl to girl, mentally picturing them in the uniform as the sorority lined up along the opposite wall. It took all ofhis concentration to keep his tongue from hanging out of his mouth.

Ok, firstly I’d like to thank everyone for coming,‘ announced Austin stepping into the centre of the room. ‘As you all know we are gathered here to select a house maid for the coming school year in keeping with tradition. Before we assemble a selection panel, I’d like to ask if we have any volunteers.‘

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Charlie’s hand shot up. A selection panel? He could actually have a say in which girl would be their maid? That sounded amazing! He looked around slightly confused that no-one else had volunteered to be on the panel, but whatever, their loss.

Ok Charlie, Inever figured you as the type,’ Austin said cryptically, ‘alright just sign here and it’s official,‘ he finished, as Charlie basically snatched the pen from his hand. Charlie then walked over to the sorority grinning from ear to ear knowing already just who he was going to pick. He stood there fit to burst as Austin began to make his announcement…

Ok girls, it seems we actually have a volunteer this year. hereby announce that Apha-Sigma-Kappa’s live-in sissy housemaid for the school year 14/15 to be none other than our very own Charlie Smith! Everyone please give him a round of applause!‘


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