The way we are now!


“This was an idea for a picture that i’ve had in my head for a long time. It’s supposed to represent me and my friend, Shane’s, lives and how we deal with being transgendered. I’m an FTM(Female to Male) transgender, and she’s MTF(Male to Female) transgender. At the same time of this picture being serious, emotional, and representative, it’s also a tad bit funny. Sense me and Shane have always had this little inside joke with each other that we will “trade” our Genders. Since I want to be Male, but i’m physically female, and she wants to be female, but she’s physically male.

Anyways, in the middle of this picture shows me and Shane stand back to back– the way we are now.
– Un happy, and stuck in the ‘wrong’ body, and we are shown covering the ‘parts’ we don’t want
Standing in front of us who we want to be–
– There we are shown happy, and finally in the correct body that we long to have.

Being Transgender may be a very emotionally stressful gender to be labeled as, but all people like Shane and I can do, is look forward to the future, when we can begin our transitions to the gender that we long to be.”

———-by flannelRaptors


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