Different Position Comics – Sir you are now woman-6

Notice : Release every 3 days

It”s official! Chris is now a woman! Holly”s womanhood is now on him, and fully functional. Chris is about to get down and dirty with Holly for the second time in 12 hours, but he realizes that he”s got to finish the transformation. Interestingly, he”s choosing a skirt instead of pants this time.

Chris has now transformed completely into a woman for the first time. He- rather she, is looking very good. Hm, perhaps more interesting than “his” body is “his” train of thought.

Chris, now Holly, is cutting loose and enjoying the pleasures her body has to offer. In fact, he might be enjoying it a little too much. He loves his girlfriend and loves having sex with her, but if he keeps enjoying himself as much as he is, he might start getting jealous of her.

Chris is really starting to get into this whole woman thing. As he pushes his transformed body further, a few odd thoughts pop into his mind in the heat of the moment. His fantasies and pleasuring are abruptly cut short when he hears someone coming: the real Holly.

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