Different Position Comics – Sir you are now woman-27

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris might be super hot as his female self, but is discovering a few drawbacks. He draws the attention of every guy he walks past, as well as the envy of most girls. Even worse, the strength he enjoys on his male self is completely gone. Regardless, he heads into a shoe store to pick out a pair of heels to complete her look.

Chris is looking for a pair of sexy heels to complete his look, but isn”t sure if he can handle a high heel yet. Meanwhile, the clerk is really appreciating Chris”s new body.

You know what they say, the costumer is always right.* Christina doesn”t look it, but he really is a size 7, or at least he is now. Not only are his feet smaller, but his toe nails are now painted as well. Chris likes the color he”s been given. Oddly enough, it”s the color he would have chosen.

Chris tries out a higher pair of heels, but he is clearly not ready for them. The clerk was there to break his fall… but he landed in a bit of a an awkward position…

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