Different Position Comics – Sir you are now woman-26

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris has turned into a female version of himself, Christina. He believes his changed face and voice have been based off of his male self, and this is what he would look like had he been born a girl. From first glance, he really likes how he looks in this form. He”s not pretending to be some woman, he has become his own, unique woman.

“Christina” leaves the safety and privacy of the changing booth to venture into the world for the first time in this body. His focus is on finding a few more outfits to buy for this body, but he”s staying very logical about it. An interesting thought crosses his mind. How could there be any mental changes, if he hasn”t really turned into a woman? Christina doesn”t exist.

Chris has finished his shopping, but runs into a problem at the checkout counter. He can”t wear the clothes he”s buying out. It seems he has a plan, but what is it, and will it work?

Taking what he learned from wearing Holly”s bikini, he knows that they can transform his whole body like normal clothes. He tries wearing his own clothes over the bikini, and he remains in the form of the clothes he wears on the bottom layer. This means he can mix and match even more. Scarlett in Holly”s clothes, Christina in Jessica”s clothes, and infinitely more possibilities.

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