Different Position Comics – Sir you are now woman-24

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris dodged a bullet when he managed to see his woman blueprint out in the open before Jessica did. While he tries to keep things casual, his girly legs have a mind of their own.

With things settled with Jessica, Chris wiggles his big butt out of the girl jeans and puts his guy clothes back on. He”s off to the mall to put together the sexy beast he”s been planning.

Chris is back in Ablecroft, but this time it isn”t for Holly. With those unowned clothes bought by his male self, what will happen to him when he wears them? One thing”s for sure. He”s going to look good wearing that 32DD.

Bra? Check. Panties? Check. Earrings? Check. Pants? Check. Shirt? Check. With everything accounted for, it”s time for Chris to suit up.

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