Different Position Comics – Sir you are now woman-23

Notice : Release every 3 days

After his research and comparing the sizes of Jessica, Holly, and Scarlett, Chris is choosing what form he wants to create. He asks Holly to try on a padded bra. Liking what he sees, he”ll pick that size for himself. What will he look like in the end?

Chris hated shopping before, but now he seems to be enjoying himself joining his girlfriend out shopping. Chris may not notice a change in himself, but Holly does. She”s not sure if she should be excited or concerned about what ever is going on with Chris.

After extensive research, Chris has finally finished his perfect form. He”s even looked up his favorite celebrities sizes so that he can match them. With his blueprint for a bombshell done, he”s off to the mall. However, he gets an unexpected visitor at a bad time.

Chris”s plan has panned out as he expected. Bruce now seems like he”s crazy for getting furious with Jessica about something that “never happened”. Chris should be careful. He”s wearing girl clothes around another person for the first time, even if they are not obvious. However, he”s got something else he should be more concerned about.

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