Different Position Comics – Sir you are now woman-22

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris knows that Bruce will soon be talking to the real Jessica about what just happened on “their” date. Fortunately, Chris will be using this confusion to his advantage. Jessica really won”t appreciate being yelled at for something that never happened.

Chris normally hates clothes shopping, but has decided to tag along with Holly today. She”s surprised, but pleased that her boyfriend is out with her. Chris is also showing “curiosity” in how women”s clothes sizes work. However, Chris has a reason behind why he”s learning what he can about clothes.

Chris is learning a lot from Holly about how women”s clothes work. With every she”s teaching him, how good him his perfect body be when he puts it together? He”s going to need to pick the perfect breast size for that, and now he”s going to the lingerie store with Holly.

Holly should be a bit suspicious about Chris”s interest is women”s clothes, but she seems to be enjoying her boyfriend shopping with her and being engaged. Women”s clothing is certainly complicated, but Chris seems to be picking it up fine. Knowing what he knows now, what will he decide to go with for himself?

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