Different Position Comics – Sir you are now woman-20

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris doesn”t know it, but his sister”s mind is giving him a lesson in flirting with guys. Neither of them are interested in this waiter, but maybe he”ll retain what Jessica does so well. Hm, but Chris better watch out. Jessica is popping up more and more.

Chris has succeed in what he hoped to do. He might not be done yet, but he”s made a big step. He”s got a plan on what to do with Jessica, but what is it? Also, he”s spent a while in her body so far. Time is ticking, and he better get out of there soon.

Chris should have left the moment he had the chance. Thanks to his stomach, he might be stuck as Jessica longer than he expected as his friends join “Jessica” at the table. Will Jessica start taking control soon? How will she react around Chris”s friends?

Time”s up. Chris has spent way too long as Jessica, and now she”s taking over. Not only that, but she”s sitting across from a man she”s attracted to. This is going to get bad for Chris.

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