Different Position Comics – Sir you are now woman-16

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris and Holly are getting dressed after their fun at the beach. Chris doesn”t realize he”s made a big mistake by putting on Holly”s sunglasses right in front of her. She recognizes them, but can”t figure out what could have possibly happened.

Holly and Carly are saying their goodbyes after an afternoon of sisterly bonding. Holly got to pretend having a twin for a few hours, and has a selfie to remember Carly by. However, will those sunglasses come back to bite Chris? Now Chris has to run back to the hotel and change before she gets there.

Chris makes a mad dash to the hotel to beat Holly there. He might be in a much bigger rush, but does he have enough time to fully change back? This is coming down to the wire.

Holly”s back, and while Chris is a very passable male, he”s still her from the waist down. Holly hasn”t yet noticed her short boyfriend with his girly legs, big butt, and flat crotch. Can he distract her away from them in the minute or two it will take for him the finish changing?

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