Different Position Comics – Sir you are now woman-15

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris and Holly are on the beach showing off their sexy (and surprisingly similar) bodies. Holly”s thoughts are starting to get into Chris”s mind. Not only that, but her feminine postures and strut are also being picked up by Chris.

Chris gets a bit offended when his girlfriend starts checking out guys right in front of him, not that she knows who he really is. Chris is thankful that he hasn”t been attracted to guys yet, and is confident he won”t despite the fact that Holly”s influence is changing what his favorite ice cream flavor is. With some more influence, what”s to say that Holly can”t change more than what he thinks of coffee ice cream?

Chris is getting pretty pissed at both getting flirted with, and watching Holly flirt with these guys. He might think he”s immune to being attracted to guys, but he”s not noticing what”s already taking place. Holly thinks that they are cute, and the aspect of Holly in Chris is thinking the same things she is. Chris has got to start getting better at figuring out which thoughts are his, and which aren”t.

Things are starting to get out of control for Chris. He”s acting more female by the minute, and his girlfriend is flirting with two guys right in front of him. He literally drags the two of them out of there before things get worse. He better change back soon.

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